EMC Satcom’s flagship product, the NRS Technology is based on EMC Satcom’s patented Noise Reduction System enabling an average of 30% and up to 50% savings in satellite MHz by using its state-of-the-art carrier cancellation capability to save inbound MHz by cancelling the outbound carrier/s.

The NRS Product Suite features:

  • NRS NODE - for SCPC networks.
  • NRS rNODE - for the remote side of SCPC networks.
  • NRS RAY - for DVB-RCS/TDMA networks.
  • NRS SECTOR & iSECTOR - for large SCPC links either station kept or inclined orbit.


NRS Product Suite

Features & Benefits

  • Hub only requirement - where there is an 8dB power density difference (existing or obtainable) between the hub antenna and the remote antenna carrier cancellation is achieved with an NRS in the hub only.
  • Modem & modulation type open - works with any type of existing modem allowing modem investment to be maintained.
  • Link symmetry open - works with any combination forward & return Mbps link size*
  • Link tolerance in inclined orbit links - works in inclined orbit links & networks up to 6 degrees of inclination.
  • C, Ku, L, S and X-band operation - flexible to any satellite band.
  • Cancellation from 1MHz to 72MHz - applicable to any size link.
  • Cancellation in 36MHz, 54MHz & 72MHz - covers any transponder size with a single unit.
  • Operational in IF-70, 140 and L-band - works in any RF chain.
  • Multicarrier cancellation - one NRS can cancel up to 30 outbound carriers with a single unit (NRS NODE)
  • Depth of dB cancellation - over 35dB allowing carrier cancellation more efficiently in more networks.
  • Works with all brands of TDMA/DVB-RCS hubs - allows MHz to be saved whatever the brand of TDMA hub being operated.
  • (*antenna at each end of the link must be under the same satellite beam)

The NRS Technology eliminates the need for separate satellite capacity in the forward and return channel by enabling both directions of transmission to share the same satellite bandwidth capacity.

The NRS Technology can be installed at existing sites without the requirement to change the current modem and ability to handle multiple outbound carriers and unlimited inbound carriers up to the size of the aggregate of outbound cancellation within a single NRS unit.

For further information download our brochure and contact us on sales@emcsatcom.com

Additionally, by combining the NRS NODE with the EMC Satcom Altitude SCPC modem even further OPEX and CAPEX savings, unmatched in the market today, are achievable.